Giving Spirit program

In January 2021 we introduced our “Giving Spirit” program: each quarter, SMWS Canada donates to charity 100% of its profit from the sales of a designated bottle.

January 2024 will mark the 4th year of our program, and to date we’ve donated over $17,000.00 to various charities thanks to the bottles you’ve purchased! This past January we chose UNICEF and we have donated over $1300 from the sales of Cask No. G15.30 “Pleasing and delightful.”

This quarter we’re focusing our attention on the world's oceans by choosing The Ocean Cleanup as our recipient charity: “a nonprofit environmental engineering organization that develops technology to extract plastic pollution from the oceans and to capture it in rivers before it can reach the ocean."

Our Giving Spirit bottle this quarter is Cask No. 78.65 “Garbanzo's cajun train ride” - we’ll donate 100% of our profits from the sales of this bottle to The Ocean Cleanup.

We hope you’ll continue to support the Giving Spirit program by buying a great bottle of whisky and supporting an important and urgent cause—that’s something to raise a glass to!