Our Unique Whiskies

An odd thing about the Society bottle is that it doesn't mention the distillery name. A number rather than a name denotes each distillery. This is because the curious nature of single cask, single malt whisky means the taste is often not characteristic of where it comes from. We prefer to describe each whisky bottling with its own unique tasting note and flavour profile to capture your imagination.

All our whiskies are bottled at cask strength and are not subjected to chill filtration or any other alteration, so members can enjoy their dram as if it were straight from the cask. The result is bottlings that often surprise and delight, and which reflect the remarkable variety in the craft of distillation, as well as the infinite complexities of wood, spirit and time. 

As you browse our whiskies remember that they are all limited in quantity, as is the nature of single cask bottlings. Once a certain bottle is gone, it's gone forever, but there are always more wonderful whiskies coming every month in our Outturn