A beautiful, bright summer afternoon



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A beautiful, bright summer afternoon

Cask No. G15.2*

The sweet floral aroma of jasmine was soon followed by fresh Madagascan vanilla pods and white nougat laden with candied lemon peel and blueberries on a crisp rice-paper base. On the palate neat, comforting and soothing like a freshly brewed chamomile, honey and vanilla tea with a light peppery spiciness in the finish.

After adding a drop of water even fresher – ‘a beautiful bright summer afternoon’ with the scent of eucalyptus and thyme next to a rosebush in full bloom, whilst to taste now juicy fruity wine gums, apricot custard Danish pastries as well as sweet jasmine rice pudding with shredded toasted coconuts.

*A new code for the Society emerges in the form of G15. This single cask, single malt, grain whisky is made from 100% malted barley. What?! Yes—a unique whisky produced in Scotland’s most unusual distillery. It’s legally a grain whisky, but using malted barley in non-traditional squat column stills, instead of pot stills, to create this spirit. G15 is the result of distillation in a continuous Coffey still, but instead of running a grain (like wheat or corn) distillate, the stills are fed with 100% malted barley wort.


Date Distilled:17 December 2009
Volume:750 ml
Cask Type:2nd fill barrel
Flavour Profile:Juicy, oak & vanilla

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