Drifting into a storm



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Drifting into a storm

Cask No. 4.240

The initial nose instilled an atmosphere of serenity as we gently bobbed along the coastline in our oak canoe, which had been freshly waterproofed with tar. The sun was beating down and we could smell the flowering gorse bushes high on the chalk cliffs beside us. Tucking into our smoked Bavarian cheese sandwiches with plenty of spiced fruit chutney we enjoyed the sounds and smells of the sea, with clean salty air and nearby rock pools.

No sooner had we taken a sip a storm arrived and the waves became mammoth breakers as we found ourselves being rocked side to side. Chunks of driftwood banged against the sides of the boat and with a mighty crash lightning struck, charring the apple crumble and scattering ash around us as plumes of thick wood smoke swirled in the wind.

Date Distilled:September 2002
Volume:750 ml
Cask Type:Refill hogshead
Region:Highland Island
Flavour Profile:Oily & coastal


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