Bottle - Cask # 33.122, Big, brooding, masculine & intense
Cask No. 33.122, Big, brooding, masculine & intense
Big, brooding, masculine & intense

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Cask No. 33.122 Heavily peated

Big, brooding, masculine & intense

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Peat-smoked fire bricks, tarred ropes, lobster pots on old boats, Fisherman’s Friends, sweet scallops, seaweed, coconut husk doormats, barbecued sausages – that was the nose. The palate was a massive, tongue-roasting, smack in the face (ash, smoking charcoal, charred sausages and black pudding, over-done crême brûlée and lime); but somehow calming with its vanilla ice-cream sweetness. The reduced nose – dunnage warehouses, oily, herby, peaty, oaky, burnt toast – fascinating. The palate remained big, brooding, masculine and intense, with over-roasted vegetables, flamed chorizo and some plastic, soapy resonances (manly version of rubber duckies at bathtime?). Now Islay’s only distillery with a Jack Russell.

Age 7
Date Distilled February 2005
Cask Type First-fill ex-bourbon barrel
Region Islay
Outturn 239 bottles
ABV 59.7 %

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