Bottle - Cask # 66.47, Campfire character
Cask No. 66.47, Campfire character
Campfire character

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Cask No. 66.47 Heavily peated

Campfire character

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The nose delivered hickory and campfire wood-smoke, tar and charred wood, a touch of briny sea air and sweet medicinal notes (honey Lockets lozenges, Elastoplasts, Germolene,  nurses’ aprons) with hints of gorse and vanilla flung in for good  measure. The palate had a mouth-numbing peppermint and menthol antiseptic mouthwash astringency and also reminded us of ash, soot, cigarettes, liquorice and fennel seeds. The reduced nose suggested smoke drifting over jelly babies, minty marshmallow Flumps plus firesides and carbolic soap on a sea-breeze. The palate gave us a campfire character of sweet and smoky intensity. Auspiciously, the distillery name has ‘more’ in it.


Age 11 years
Date Distilled October 2002
Cask Type Refill barrel
Region Highland Eastern
Outturn 213 bottles
ABV 59 %

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