Bottle - Cask # 36.97, Ginger Passion fruit trifle
Cask No. 36.97, Ginger Passion fruit trifle
Ginger Passion fruit trifle

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Cask No. 36.97 Sweet & spicy

Ginger Passion fruit trifle

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The nose neat had a very homey feel, a bouquet of brightly coloured flowers, autumn berry crumble with citrus cream, coffee walnut whips, fruity caramels, burlap potpourri hanging bags and clean wood ash. The taste had a sweet, gingery, citric balance like a well-made flavoured IPA accompanied by dry roasted nuts, coconut almonds and homemade bourbon biscuits. With a drop of water it became very aromatic and exotic as if walking down the fruit aisle of a supermarket with the flower display at the end. The flavours were that of lemon & ginger tea and a ginger passion fruit trifle.


Age 18 years
Date Distilled August 1997
Cask Type Refill barrel
Region Speyside
Outturn 192 bottles
ABV 57.9 %