Bottle - Cask # 127.39, Intensely tasty
Cask No. 127.39, Intensely tasty
Intensely tasty

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Cask No. 127.39 Heavily peated

Intensely tasty

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On the nose it reminds you of tobacco leaves and fish drying on wooden racks by the shore. Imagine Germolene antiseptic, First Aid boxes and soap in a coal scuttle. In a fisherman’s boot you find salt and smoke. If you’re hungry- seafood platters, dark honey, bacon and rye bread with caraway, sausage with fennel. To taste - sea shells on a salty jetty; treacle and spicy liquorice, Tabasco and Scotch Bonnet peppers; toasted caraway and sesame seeds drizzled with honey. Tantalising seafood cocktail and oily mackerel. Tempted by deep-fried Mars Bars? Cooked in the same oil as the fish? Imagine This! Initial distillation 2001.

Age 11 years
Date Distilled June 2002
Cask Type Refill sherry butt
Region Islay
Outturn 579 bottles
ABV 66.7% %

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