Bottle - Cask # 33.125, Salted caramel lollipop
Cask No. 33.125, Salted caramel lollipop
Salted caramel lollipop

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Cask No. 33.125 Heavily peated

Salted caramel lollipop

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Smoky peat chimneys, fresh tobacco, leather gloves, bbq pork sausages, honey glazed ham, breakfast kippers were only a small number of descriptors coming immediately to mind nosing neat. One panel member found himself in a ‘theatre’ with surgical tape, bandages and gauze dressing. In the taste, germoline Antiseptic cream quickly followed by a peaty, tarry and sooty array of flavours with a fresh salty and seaweedy crisp finish. With the careful addition of water the aroma of tar sticking to an expensive leather shoe came to mind next to pork scratching and lobster with roast gammon. Now the taste has a balance between the smoke, the sweetness and the salt, smoked kippers and salted caramels. This young beauty comes from the most easterly of the three distilleries in the Kildaton parish.

Age 7
Date Distilled May 2005
Cask Type 1st fill barrel
Region Islay
Outturn 250 bottles
ABV 64.4 %

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