Bottle - Cask # 7.93, A complex cornucopia
Cask No. 7.93, A complex cornucopia
A complex cornucopia

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Cask No. 7.93 Spicy & dry

A complex cornucopia

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The nose held almost everything – lemonade, sherbet, cake mix, buttery flapjacks, pink wafers, chocolate bourbons, light tobacco, leather satchels, honey, golden syrup, Deep Heat, root ginger, dunnage warehouses and forests after rain. The palate started sweet (chocolate chip cookies, sweetie cigarettes) before developing heat (rich Jamaican ginger cake, chilli) finally lemon-scented air freshener and light woodiness. The reduced nose evoked an old-fashioned Steamie, with linens hung up; then delicate suggestions of iced lemon cakes and buttercup meadows and the inside of a new shoe. The palate now developed Fry’s Chocolate Cream and almond fingers. The distillery is next to Benriach.

Age 11
Date Distilled June 2002
Cask Type Refill barrel
Region Speyside
Outturn 246 bottles
ABV 57.6 %