Bottle - Cask # 3.217, A delicatessen shopping basket
Cask No. 3.217, A delicatessen shopping basket
A delicatessen shopping basket

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Cask No. 3.217 Lightly peated

A delicatessen shopping basket

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This had all the makings of a great feast of prosciutto ham, sundried tomatoes, roasted fish skins, sushi and brown sauce. A leather jacket stuffed into a canvas bag and a pouch of pipe tobacco. A damp forest with recently burnt heather and a shale beach. Much discussion ensued on the topic of ham - honey glazed or German peppered? We were all in agreement that it had delicious foodie characteristics in a warm plastic box. Lavender lip balm and orange peel were detectable above the blast of tar, sea spray, incense sticks and wet burlap.

Age 16
Date Distilled September 1997
Cask Type Refill butt
Region Islay
Outturn 609 bottles
ABV 55.6 %