Bottle - Cask # 4.181, A muscle man from Orkney
Cask No. 4.181, A muscle man from Orkney
A muscle man from Orkney

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Cask No. 4.181 Deep, rich & dried fruits

A muscle man from Orkney

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A wolf whistle and ‘hello sailor’ was all we could muster at this muscle man of a dram from Orkney. Rustic, grizzly and animalistic, he swept us up with his robust arms and carried us past barges and oil rigs to rural lavender heather pastures. What a greeting!  Thick burnt condensed coconut syrup, PX sherry, Dundee marmalade, honey glazed smoked pork buns and Demerara sugar were all unashamedly present. Smouldering and rich on the palate, our dream man presented chewy burnt toffee, Russian caramels, orange treacle and sweet dark chocolate. Water brought out a sweeter side to him: coffee liqueur, sweet molasses and dried pineapple, all with a dusting of coco powder. But don’t be fooled by this softness: scorched and decadent, our palates were left with a thick, chewy finish of sherry infused raisins and dry Brazil nut skins. He knows how to treat a lady.

Age 16
Date Distilled April 1997
Cask Type Refill sherry butt
Region Highland Island
Outturn 650 bottles
ABV 54.6 %