Bottle - Cask # 28.23, Attention-grabbing spicy wood
Cask No. 28.23, Attention-grabbing spicy wood
Attention-grabbing spicy wood

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Cask No. 28.23 Spicy & sweet

Attention-grabbing spicy wood

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The nose gave us hay, grass, wood-sap, sawdust, some delicate floral notes, peppery spice, blackcurrant, jam and lots of nuts (macadamia, almond, hazelnut). The palate had toffee, chocolate and treacle, but it was the spicy wood that grabbed our attention - chilli, Victory V’s, oak tannins - ‘like licking an old cask, without the splinters’ someone said. The reduced nose had toffee and lots of scented wood - cedar, pine, grape stems, saunas. The reduced palate seemed sweeter - raisins and chocolate-coated Brazils - but still with the woodiness of long years in cask - chewing on sticks, resinous, spicy; a delicious dram from   Blackford village.


Age 21
Date Distilled November 1989
Cask Type Refill sherry butt
Outturn 607 bottles
ABV 57.5 %