Bottle - Cask # 4.190
Cask No. 4.190, Big boys smoking in the sauna

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Cask No. 4.190 Lightly peated

Big boys smoking in the sauna

sold out

A boys' night out of a dram packing a punch of cigar smoke, scented candles and heavy polished wood. One panel member was reminded of a stag weekend eating Mediterranean tapas and another of a Moroccan spices on Arbroath smokies. Pickled onions on the side! Heather and sandalwood smouldering on a wood stove with a mug of Mexican hot chocolate.

After water was thrown on the coals a puff of hot sauna wood and more heather with tobacco leaf unfurling. Cured hams with mango chutney, then dried apricots and apple rings. Round the world in a glass!

Age 22 years
Date Distilled 31 May 1991
Cask Type Refill ex-bourbon hogshead
Region Islands
Outturn 246 bottles
ABV 53.9 %