Bottle - Cask # 42.22, Brave the elements
Cask No. 42.22, Brave the elements
Brave the elements

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Cask No. 42.22 Heavily peated

Brave the elements

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We were transported to a gun deck aboard a ship during a naval battle in the Napoleonic Wars. It was hot, dirty and oily; canons constantly loaded and fired, the ship got hit by a broadside, seamen received some emergency medical attention. The scene was one of blood, sweat and tears with salt, gun powder and burning wood, filling the entire core of your body. Eventually the engagement ended and with a drop of water we started to clean the deck, the ship’s doctors could deal with the wounded from the battle and we enjoyed that sweet taste of victory.

Age 9 years
Date Distilled October 2006
Cask Type Refill barrel
Region Highland Island
Outturn 210 bottles
ABV 59.3 %

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