Bottle - Cask # 29.131, Buttercups, bothies and barbecues
Cask No. 29.131, Buttercups, bothies and barbecues
Buttercups, bothies and barbecues

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Cask No. 29.131 Peated

Buttercups, bothies and barbecues

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A rather unusual nose – it suggested a coal sack full of sugar puffs, buttercups by rock-pools, a bothy (with old-fashioned oil lamps), vanilla, clove and barbecued honey-glazed charred mackerel. The taste was quite smoky and foody, with seriously caramelized onions shovelled on a mustardy hot dog – also tar, ash, lavender and coal. With water, the nose achieved a good balance of smoke and sweet – mustard seed, sweet bread and pork cooked in a pit, Samoan style. Even in reduction the mouth impact was big and tongue-roasting – slightly burnt schnitzel with flower salad. From the ‘love it or hate it’ distillery.

Age 17
Date Distilled April 1995
Cask Type Refill barrel
Region Islay
Outturn 203 bottles
ABV 60.6 %