Bottle - Cask # 59.43
Cask No. 59.43, Caramel swirl ice cream

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Cask No. 59.43 Old & dignified

Caramel swirl ice cream

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A very inviting nose and after the initial smell of newly varnished wood and fresh tree bark, it developed quickly into fruity and sweet aromas of pineapple, honey glazed cherries, spun sugar, prune juice, fruit gums and thin vanilla biscuits. Cherry Coke, one panelist immediately shouted out when tasted neat; caffeine, vanilla, caramel, slightly carbonated feel - very juicy and enjoyable to drink. With water a little spice, Earl Grey tea with a splash of lemon, fragrant pine needles but at the same time fruity; cherries, brambles and cranberries. To taste, a stick of cinnamon bark, very strong black tea and the finish is sweet and smooth - vanilla ice cream with caramel swirl. This is a delicious example from the distillery which name means ‘The house on the moor’.

Age 29
Date Distilled November 1983
Cask Type Refill hogshead
Region Highland Northern
Outturn 252 bottles
ABV 56.4 %