Bottle - Cask # 66.62, Classic Caesar cocktail
Cask No. 66.62, Classic Caesar cocktail
Classic Caesar cocktail

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Cask No. 66.62 Oily & coastal

Classic Caesar cocktail

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The first whiff was just like striking a match and lighting a gas stove to cook pork tenderloin studded with garlic as well as salty strips of bacon. This was followed by sweet  aromas of maple syrup, toasted bagels and barbecue baked sweet potatoes. The initial taste was like the ignition of the gas fire before maritime flavours of lobster shells, langoustines, mussels and oily mackerels emerged. Water released toasted marshmallows and toffee apples with a Caesar cocktail (a Bloody Mary with Clamato instead of tomato juice). We then all enjoyed a corn on the cob with salted butter and baked salmon croquettes.


Age 16 years
Date Distilled March 1998
Cask Type Refill gorda
Region Highland
Outturn 615 bottles
ABV 56.6 %