Bottle - Cask # 125.62, Crepes Suzettes & coffee dregs
Cask No. 125.62, Crepes Suzettes & coffee dregs
Crepes Suzettes & coffee dregs

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Cask No. 125.62 Spicy & dry

Crepes Suzettes & coffee dregs

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Reminiscent of Calvados and Grand Marnier, the nose delivered toffee apples, pineapple, Crêpes Suzettes, Werthers originals, Edinburgh rock, custard slices and Moffat toffees. The unreduced palate exploded with warm ginger and orange flavours (if ever a whisky lived up to its colour!) then superior tequila and Madeira wine in the finish. The reduced nose offered dried fruits, ginger wine, lots of citrus (lemon meringue pie, oranges in syrup, pineapple) and caramel gradually emerging. The reduced palate, still big, chewy and beautifully sweet, had sugary dregs of coffee, chocolate gingers, then a dry sherry aftertaste rounding off this fine Tain dram.

Age 10 years
Date Distilled November 2001
Cask Type Refill hogshead
Region Highland Northern
Outturn 271 bottles
ABV 61.2 %