Bottle - Cask # 55.28, Dainty, measured and delicate
Cask No. 55.28, Dainty, measured and delicate
Dainty, measured and delicate

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Cask No. 55.28 Light & delicate

Dainty, measured and delicate

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Light, perfumed, dainty, measured and delicate. We were met with the heady scents of a lemon syrup sponge served in a garden centre, with iced tea and Toffee Dodger biscuits on the side.  On further exploration it was sweet and peachy, with lychees, vanilla, white pepper zing and burnt orange syrup. Water brought apple scented soap, distant potpourri, rose petals, cut flower stems and white lilies.  On the taste we found apple juice jelly, condensed milk and icing sugar with vanilla and dried cranberries to finish.  Gentle, yes, but give this time and you will find that it is no shrinking violet!

Age 14 years
Date Distilled September 2000
Cask Type Refill hogshead
Region Highland
Outturn 289 bottles
ABV 58 %