Bottle - Cask # 73.54, Decadent and delicious
Cask No. 73.54, Decadent and delicious
Decadent and delicious

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Cask No. 73.54 Old & dignified

Decadent and delicious

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The nose, delicate and sophisticated, evoked an elegant lady (perfume, leather handbag, silk purse) in a tea-shop with jasmine tea, Battenberg cake, pear tarte tatin, sweet Muscat wine, flowers and pine cones on her table. The palate was rich, decadent and delicious – buttery fruit cake, jellied fruits, lots of orange (mandarin flan, Fry’s Orange Cream, orange blossom) and cinnamon spice in the finish. The reduced nose found Oreos, carrot cake, chocolate limes and glorious dark chocolate raspberry brownie. The palate now rewarded us with soft vanilla fudge, perfumed nectarines, teasing ginger and Old English Spangles. The distillery name means ‘big stream’.

Age 20 years
Date Distilled March 1992
Cask Type Refill barrel
Outturn 214 bottles
ABV 57.2 %