Bottle - Cask # 53.168, Elastoplast on a roasted tongue
Cask No. 53.168, Elastoplast on a roasted tongue
Elastoplast on a roasted tongue

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Cask No. 53.168 Heavily peated

Elastoplast on a roasted tongue

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All the usual smoky characteristics were there – TCP, elastoplasts, creosote, tar, and a bothy after the fire died – but we also got smoked almonds, honey-glazed ham, sweet heather and perfumed soap. The palate was undoubtedly big, even tongue-roasting – sweet and salty with ash, tar, kiln smoke, aniseed and liquorice allsorts. The reduced nose evoked spun sugar, pralines, rosemary, straw, coal scuttles and bonfires. The palate, even with a good splash of water, remained intense, with good sweetness (caramel, syrup, Horlicks, honey-roasted carrots) and some barbecued meat that fell in the ash, perhaps served with caramelized onions. From Islay’s biggest distillery.

Age 18 years
Date Distilled July 1993
Cask Type Refill sherry butt
Region Islay
Outturn 596 bottles
ABV 59.3 %

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