Bottle - Cask # 27.94, Enigmatic big floozy
Cask No. 27.94, Enigmatic big floozy
Enigmatic big floozy

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Cask No. 27.94 Lightly peated

Enigmatic big floozy

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The nose was curious - an enigma - with roasted chestnuts, caramelized figs, slightly burnt raisins in a fruitcake, spit-roasted lamb and ‘smouldering compost.’ We also found ash, heather, marmite, grease guns and tar. The palate was described, ungenerously, as a ‘big floozy’ - tar, burnt raisins, over-cooked tajine, cinder toffee, dirty caramel, singed hair and barbecued sardines. The reduced nose put us in mind of the wrapping on a fish supper. The reduced palate, despite earlier hesitations, was surprisingly good and scored well - now quite creamy, with gentle sweetness - chocolate-coated toffee, Daim bars and Madeira wine. From Campbeltown’s oldest surviving distillery.

Age 11
Date Distilled March 2000
Cask Type 1st fill sherry hogshead
Outturn 351 bottles
ABV 55.6 %