Bottle - Cask # 127.38, Enticing fume of a peat reek
Cask No. 127.38, Enticing fume of a peat reek
Enticing fume of a peat reek

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Cask No. 127.38 Heavily peated

Enticing fume of a peat reek

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This nose is big and with so many facets that it will be difficult to describe with the limitations of a tasting note. Sweet smoke, bacon crisps, pork cracklings, honey and soy sauce, slightly burnt corn on the cob, oily mackerels, Germolene and tarry drift wood. The taste was absolutely huge, stunning, WOW! Sweet, smoky, ashy, briny; like a peat fire blazing in a croft house by the edge of the Atlantic grilling mackerels and honey smoked bacon. With water less intense sweet peat smoke with earthy (compost), herbal aromas like that of a good fish stock. The taste now Mediterranean pork with sage plums and oven roasted tomatoes rolled in herbs.

Age 10
Date Distilled August 2003
Cask Type Refill sherry butt
Region Islay
Outturn 618 bottles
ABV 66.3 %

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