Bottle - Cask # 127.34, Flying saucers and octopus balls
Cask No. 127.34, Flying saucers and octopus balls
Flying saucers and octopus balls

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Cask No. 127.34 Heavily peated

Flying saucers and octopus balls

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We found an almost endless list of amazing, enticing aromas –– sweet campfire smoke, hay-bales, birch sap, prawn shells, charred smoked mackerel, cinnamon, clove, dried roses, pot-pourri, orange, apricot and peppered ham. The palate did not disappoint – a lively, stimulating, crashing wave of taste – smoke, brine, ash, prawn tempura, Cullen Skink and takoyaki (octopus balls); dry-roasted cashews, roasted chestnuts, lemon sorbet and flying saucers. The reduced nose maintained our interest – great balance of sweetness and smoke – leather, canvas, peanut butter, fried sage, marzipan and pencil shavings. The reduced palate was spritzy, uplifting and full of positive anticipation. Smoky stuff from the Rhinns.

Age 9 years
Date Distilled August 2003
Cask Type Refill barrel
Region Islay
Outturn 199 bottles
ABV 63.2 %

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