Bottle - Cask # 48.87, Frisky whisky
Cask No. 48.87, Frisky whisky
Frisky whisky

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Cask No. 48.87 Sweet, fruity & mellow

Frisky whisky

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The welcoming nose had something floral and woody, like a fuchsia hedge – also coconut, mango and pineapple; French fancies, honey and chocolate. The neat palate was lively – those fruits again, some citric sharpness, dark chocolate with ginger and a few other woody spices (nutmeg, anise); mouth-filling, mouth-watering and tongue-numbing all at the same time. The reduced nose was an explosion of fruit and honey sweetness – tutti-frutti, soft stone fruits, crème caramel, barley sugars and rice pudding with cinnamon. The reduced palate combined sensual chocolate caramel wafer and bourbon biscuit sweetness with playfully frisky fruitiness and warm ginger cake and chili spice.



Age 11
Date Distilled March 2005
Cask Type 1st fill barrel
Region Speyside
Outturn 204 bottles
ABV 58.4 %