Bottle - Cask # 26.92, Hard-glazed pretzel sticks
Cask No. 26.92, Hard-glazed pretzel sticks
Hard-glazed pretzel sticks

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Cask No. 26.92 Spicy & sweet

Hard-glazed pretzel sticks

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At first nosing very ashy, like a distant erupted volcano, soon followed by various lemon aromas; lemon oil, lemon zest and lemon drizzle cake as well as a yeastiness of rye sourdough. The taste neat initially fiery like hot volcano ash but swiftly replaced by sweet wood smoke. There is also an interesting battle going on between the saltiness of pork scratchings and the sweetness of a crystallized orange. With water the nose turns fresher like a sea breeze and fruitier with apricots, pears and apples. This engaging sample from the distillery situated in Brora tastes sweet like a bacon breakfast cake with maple syrup but at the same time salty like a Salzstange.


Age 28
Date Distilled December 1984
Cask Type Refill butt
Region Highland
Outturn 491 bottles
ABV 58.2 %