Bottle - Cask # 35.84, J.K. Rowling meets C.S. Lewis
Cask No. 35.84, J.K. Rowling meets C.S. Lewis
J.K. Rowling meets C.S. Lewis

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Cask No. 35.84 Deep, rich & dried fruits

J.K. Rowling meets C.S. Lewis

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Deep, heady perfumes (rose, elderflower, geranium, lily of the valley, Chanel No. 5) gradually enfolded us in warm, welcoming hugs; complex (marzipan, autumn leaves, chestnuts, orange peel, vanilla, plum jam, cigar boxes) – amazing for its age. The velvety smooth, rich palate had flavours of Armagnac, fragrant wood, marmalade and sultanas – elegant but muscular. The reduced nose remained intense – a real sniffer’s dram (cherry pipe tobacco, mint, whisky marmalade) – somewhere between Moroccan spice markets and a country house wardrobe (shades of Narnia?). The reduced palate evoked J.K. Rowling in the Elephant House café – coffee, currant brioche, chewing a pencil. From Elgin’s younger distillery.

Age 14 years
Date Distilled February 1998
Cask Type Medium toast light char hogshead
Region Speyside
Outturn 266 bottles
ABV 58.4 %