Bottle - Cask # 1.197, Jackpot!
Cask No. 1.197, Jackpot!

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Cask No. 1.197 Juicy, oak & vanilla


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The nose had wonderful oaky footprints (cabinet-makers’ workshops, vanilla, coconut, toasted almonds); cinder toffee and honey sweetness and delightful fruity, floral perfumes (peach blossom, pear, raspberry, gooseberry, lemon zest). The palate was like a first date with someone both intelligent AND beautiful – Jackpot! We got lemon sherbet and tart fruit astringency, hints of ginger and white pepper and sophisticated sweetness (caramel, Manuka, juicy sultanas, Crunchie bars). The reduced nose had caramel/coconut biscuit, juicy fruits, soft oak, peach Melba and blueberry pie. The palate now became lip-smackingly tasty with elderflower sherbet, Danish pastries and mouth-kissing spicy tingles.

Age 21
Date Distilled September 1993
Cask Type Refill hogshead
Region Speyside
Outturn 229 bottles
ABV 57.4 %