Bottle - Cask # 9.60, Jam making and harvested fields
Cask No. 9.60, Jam making and harvested fields
Jam making and harvested fields

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Cask No. 9.60 Sweet, fruity & mellow

Jam making and harvested fields

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The nose was buttery (buttered toast, croissants, bread and butter pudding) with raisins, baked apples, custard, new-made jam and mixed spice. The unreduced palate was big and full-bodied with lasting heat - the flavours included intense fruit and vanilla, poached pears with soft cinnamon spice and syrup and slightly burnt pastries with currants.  Water accentuated the jam tarts (with icing sugar) on the nose and  introduced an earthy note.  The reduced palate, still rich and substantial, evoked a jam maker’s kitchen, fresh sourdough bread and the comforting glow of autumn sunshine on harvested fields. From the first distillery established in Rothes.


Age 13
Date Distilled April 1997
Cask Type Refill hogshead
Outturn 328 bottles
ABV 57.6 %