Bottle - Cask # 63.27, Jar Jar Binks in trouble again
Cask No. 63.27, Jar Jar Binks in trouble again
Jar Jar Binks in trouble again

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Cask No. 63.27 Young & spritely

Jar Jar Binks in trouble again

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Remarkable for its age, the nose suggested unripe green fruits, stewed rhubarb, lemon bonbons, mint, golden syrup and Werther’s butterscotch. It reminded us of grappa, tequila, pear schnapps etc. The substantial palate delivered apple sours, lime fruit pastilles and red cola – a caustic/sweet combination so juicy it had us slavering like Boss Nass berating Jar Jar Binks. The reduced nose had apples sautéed in butter and raspberry jam pips – and woody, earthy, floral notes inspired the gardeners among us. The palate now had tart toffee apples and Key lime pie – very interesting indeed. The distillery was built by James Buchanan.

Age 5
Date Distilled June 2006
Cask Type Second fill sherry butt
Outturn 641 bottles
ABV 62.3 %

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