Bottle - Cask # 28.28, Lay your head on my pillow
Cask No. 28.28, Lay your head on my pillow
Lay your head on my pillow

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Cask No. 28.28 Sweet, fruity & mellow

Lay your head on my pillow

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A crisp, clean, fresh and white array of aromas greeted the Panel first; freshly sawn pine, white pepper, white fleshed peaches and laying one’s head on a brand new pillow. Deeper notes appeared with time; lemon curd, malt loaves and warm wood embers. The taste had a good chili, gingery heat with the syrupy viscosity of Chinese sweet and sour sauce, and the finish was that of tangy sharp oranges. Diluted, the oranges became zingy buttercream in a chocolate orange cake and the taste was now soft and buttery, like a carrot cake topped with a cinnamon frosting.

Age 10
Date Distilled March 2005
Cask Type Refill barrel
Region Highland Southern
Outturn 223 bottles
ABV 60 %