Bottle - Cask # 121.88, Licking the wooden spoon
Cask No. 121.88, Licking the wooden spoon
Licking the wooden spoon

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Cask No. 121.88 Juicy, oak & vanilla

Licking the wooden spoon

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Enticing, inviting, warm, rich and like ‘walking barefoot on hot sand’ were the initial comments nosing neat. Descriptors given; hot crumpets with runny honey, waffles with golden syrup and buttered popcorn. The taste had the rich sweetness of a chocolate éclair sprinkled with nutmeg whilst in the finish, surprisingly dry. Water added aromas of wood and spice, a well-used wooden rolling pin as well as warm hot cross buns with a slightly waxy mouthfeel of a chamois leather cloth. The overall effect is now charming, innocent and very inviting –don’t we all like licking the wooden spoon after making cakes?


Age 15 years
Date Distilled April 2000
Cask Type Refill hogshead
Region Highland Island
Outturn 227 bottles
ABV 53.8 %