Bottle - Cask # 93.54, Manly, robust & reassuringly honest
Cask No. 93.54, Manly, robust & reassuringly honest
Manly, robust & reassuringly honest

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Cask No. 93.54 Oily & coastal

Manly, robust & reassuringly honest

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The nose seemed fairly typical – coal, hessian, seaweed and garage workshops – all dominated by minty sweetness (Berwick Cockles, Blackpool Rock, spearmint chews, Bendick’s mint chocolates); eventually turning even sweeter (honey, coconut). In reduction it smelled of peppery herbs, salty Manzanilla, lemon, smoked almonds, aniseed and fish oil. The palate was undoubtedly manly, robust and very dry, with ash, bitter chocolate and pepper wrestling each other - also suggestions of orange and lemon rind, wilted spinach and over-dried woollen mitts – with water, sweet, nutty and reassuringly honest – olive oil, creamy mushrooms, mint and pepper. The distillery is named after Scotland’s glen.

Age 10 years
Date Distilled April 2002
Cask Type Refill barrel
Region Campbeltown
Outturn 235 bottles
ABV 58.2 %