Bottle - Cask # 9.66, Melo-dram-atic
Cask No. 9.66, Melo-dram-atic

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Cask No. 9.66 Sweet, fruity & mellow


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The fragrant nose wafted Murray Mints, Blackpool rock, leather, apple, dark chocolate, gingerbread people with currant eyes and a man’s shaving cupboard. With water it became a fruity dessert served in an actor’s dressing room (sweat, hot light, dust, grease paint remover). The palate, however, was sweet and perfumed – with woody, spicy, men’s cologne (the actor now freshly shaven); finishing slightly nippy and drying with cold black tea tannins. The reduced palate had cherry lips and Juicy Fruit chewing gum; sweet, spicy, playful warmth (was that actor Kevin Spicy?) mingled with serious pleasure. Distillery founded by the Grants (not Cary).

Age 14
Date Distilled April 1997
Cask Type Refill hogshead
Outturn 356 bottles
ABV 56.5 %