Bottle - Cask # C1, Nectar Celeste
Cask No. C1, Nectar Celeste
Nectar Celeste

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Cask No. C1 Spicy & sweet

Nectar Celeste

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The nose neat had a magical intensity; wood smouldering through a magnifying glass, a soldering iron, a burning incense stick, campfire banana splits as well as curled-up treacle scones. The taste offered a pleasant heat with a tingly spiciness of cinnamon and aniseed combined with the creamy freshness of rum & raisin and elder flower & ginger ice cream. A drop of water released herbal/menthol aromas and we were transported into a warehouse on a hot day sharing ‘la part des anges’. Sweet and spicy right on the tip of the tongue and a wonderfully dry, slightly bitter chocolate finish – Celestial!  The Society's first-ever Cognac!


Age XO years
Date Distilled U/K
Cask Type French oak barrel
Outturn 450 bottles
ABV 48.4 %