Bottle - Cask # 64.35, Nicey, nicey, sweet 'n spicy
Cask No. 64.35, Nicey, nicey, sweet 'n spicy
Nicey, nicey, sweet 'n spicy

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Cask No. 64.35 Old & dignified

Nicey, nicey, sweet 'n spicy

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The nose was finely layered – old-fashioned, expensive, floral perfume on top; apple sauce, gooseberry purée and a tin of fruity boiled sweets below that; the olfactory sub-strata inhabited by patent leather and old books. The taste was sweet and hot – opinions included tom yam soup, mango chutney, H P Sauce, chilli, crystallised ginger and leather. The reduced nose added floral pot-pourri, plum chutney, polished sandalwood and Indian food (ginger, paprika, etc.). The palate improved but the sweet and savoury profile remained steady – toffee, honey, sugar-coated fennel seeds, liquorice and salty lime pickle. This distillery does not draw water from Loch Dhu!

Age 21 years
Date Distilled February 1990
Cask Type Refill barrel
Outturn 208 bottles
ABV 55.2 %

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