Bottle - Cask # 29.109, Oak and smoke intensity
Cask No. 29.109, Oak and smoke intensity
Oak and smoke intensity

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Cask No. 29.109 Peated

Oak and smoke intensity

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Most of us found this outstanding, but not all! The nose suggested a mechanic’s hands (oil, swarfega) and new cars in a freshly-painted showroom. We also found prunes, dates, figs in syrup, walnut oil and TCP. The unreduced palate had oak and smoke intensity – treacle, syrup and worn leather (‘a lion-tamer’s whip’). The reduced nose was aromatic, savoury and mechanical – blackened chicken, cinder toffee, mushrooms in a basket, cloves, molasses and ‘diesel-soaked cherries’. The reduced palate had ferns, sugar-coated fennel seeds, turmeric, liquorice and onion bhajis – sweet and smoky but with deep swirling undercurrents. The distillery has a Royal Warrant.

Age 20
Date Distilled October 1990
Cask Type Refill ex-sherry butt
Region Islay
Outturn 619 bottles
ABV 59.2 %