Bottle - Cask # 63.99
Cask No. 63.99, ORANGE CREAMSICLE CRUSH (100ml)

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Cask No. 63.99 Sweet, fruity & mellow


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The initial nose neat had a deep floral aroma of red roses in full bloom before sweeter aromas of marzipan, chocolate limes and fresh macarons appeared. On the palate, juicy and fruity wine gums or jelly babies next to foamy strawberry sweets and rhubarb rock, with the surprising perfect tart zip finish of a raw lime cordial.

Plenty of sweetness following reduction, with the scent of custard creams, Victoria sponge and scones. To taste, now crème Catalana, raisin fudge and coconut apricot balls washed down with an orange soda and vanilla ice cream float. So delicious! 


Age 19 years
Date Distilled 9 May 2002
Cask Type 1st fill ex-bourbon barrel
Region Speyside
ABV 51.3 %