Bottle - Cask # 50.68, Orange exposition
Cask No. 50.68, Orange exposition
Orange exposition

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Cask No. 50.68 Sweet, fruity & mellow

Orange exposition

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The rich and fruity depths to this whisky instantly intrigued.  Orange oil, custard powder on baked apples and a touch of noble rot displayed maturity and complexity.  On tasting, we were introduced to the sweetness of icing-covered biscuits, hazelnuts and honey.  Spearmint chewing gum freshness appeared with water, whilst pleasant solvent notes danced in the background.  Acetone, airfix glue, linseed oil and tart black cherries lay behind layers of honey, apricot yogurt and buttery pastry.  These themes continued in the reduced palate, intensely sweet and biscuity notes, orange oil, orange muscat, emulsion paint and aniseed to taste.  Raisins, hot cross buns, spiced honey and chocolate oranges linger in the finish. Sublime!


Age 25
Date Distilled January 1990
Cask Type Refill barrel
Region Lowland
Outturn 144 bottles
ABV 57.3 %