Bottle - Cask # 129.6, Peated candy
Cask No. 129.6, Peated candy
Peated candy

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Cask No. 129.6 Lightly peated

Peated candy

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The first comment on the nose neat was sweet peat smoke and that enticing combination would be with us all the way. Hot smoked salmon flakes on a leafy salad with fennel seed and a sweet balsamic vinaigrette, heather honey sweetened black tea and maple bacon cinnamon rolls. The taste was of peated candy, sweet incense smoke and a soy-balsamic marinade. With a drop of water some got carried away kissing a perfumed, cigarette smoking nurse in the hospital corridor whilst others got served gravlax canapés. In the taste we all agreed; creamy fish pate on smoky oatcakes and sweet dressed crab.

Age 6 years
Date Distilled November 2008
Cask Type 1st fill barrel
Region Islay
Outturn 243 bottles
ABV 58.9 %