Bottle - Cask # 50.49, Pudding in a glass
Cask No. 50.49, Pudding in a glass
Pudding in a glass

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Cask No. 50.49 Light & delicate

Pudding in a glass

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An unusual example of the make from our most southern distillery, the first impression is of ‘fig pigs’ (dried figs coated in pastry), then dough with pecan nuts and raisins, pumpkin pie and blueberry pie, both with golden, buttery short-crust pastry. The taste is Golden Syrup sweet; the texture mouth-coating, with chewed pencil in the aftertaste. Curiously, water introduces the aroma of the paint on the outside of the pencil, then syrup tart with strawberry foam and clotted cream, with traces of tinned peaches. Sweet, smooth and creamy to taste, with strawberry ice cream and a return of sticky pecan pie.

Age 21 years
Date Distilled July 1990
Cask Type Refill barrel
Region Lowland
Outturn 136 bottles
ABV 55.8 %