Bottle - Cask # 71.34, Rabbit, ginger & treacle tart
Cask No. 71.34, Rabbit, ginger & treacle tart
Rabbit, ginger & treacle tart

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Cask No. 71.34 Spicy & dry

Rabbit, ginger & treacle tart

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Big rich sweet aromas accosted the Panel โ€“ ginger cake, strawberry Chewits, treacle tart, cinnamon, malt loaf but also earthy mushrooms, Marigolds (the gloves not the flowers), leather and musky horses; this was when one Panellist pictured herself riding a spice-bag-laden Andalusian horse through orchards wearing leather chaps. Warm, sweet, savoury on the palate, hot and tannic with rosemary & sage, saddle polish, rabbit paella, warm chocolate sponge, dried cranberries and hazelnuts. Diluted, aromas of olive groves, red apples, hay and grilled rabbit with smooth, creamy tastes of oranges, prunes, strawberries, apricots and more rabbit. Founded as Kinflat distillery in 1810.

Age 13 years
Date Distilled March 1998
Cask Type 1st fill sherry butt
Outturn 830 bottles
ABV 56.8 %