Bottle - Cask # 42.81

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Cask No. 42.81 Peated


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On the nose, childhood memories of the night before Bonfire Night – peeling sticky, slightly burnt dark treacle toffee off steel baking sheets and onto waxed paper. Making papier-mâché for the effigy, and old woollen jumpers to wear next to the bonfire. With water, foam bananas, Twiglets, and pineapple flavoured boiled sweeties.

The palate takes us to Guy Fawkes Night. Did someone throw peat on the bonfire? The blaze quickly reduces the homemade Guy to ash, as the sparklers fizz and pop in our leather gloves. Nearby the adults are smoking pipes and drinking heavily spiced peated hot toddies. The snack table is more exotic than previous years: candied lemon peels, smoked oysters, and Applewood smoked cheddar. Remember remember? *2022 Global Gathering bottle; bottle name and tasting note written by our Victoria ambassador, Adam Bradshaw of Strath Liquor Merchants.


Age 14 years
Date Distilled 29 March 2007
Cask Type Refill ex-bourbon hogshead
Region Highland Island
Outturn 114 bottles
ABV 55.2 %