Bottle - Cask # 46.29, Shaken, not stirred
Cask No. 46.29, Shaken, not stirred
Shaken, not stirred

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Cask No. 46.29 Young & spritely

Shaken, not stirred

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Young Bond prepared the ingredients for his cocktail: bruised mint, Gomme syrup, pink peppercorn and aromatic cherry and violet. As he mixed his ingredients for this Old Fashioned together he scanned the scene, it was a bit of a mystery. A large arrangement of flowers was the first observation. A table set with a curious collection: hard mint candies, chocolate chip ice cream, raspberry jam cookies and salted limes. He sipped his cocktail and enjoyed its sprightly kick. The perfumed scent of some exotic beauty lingered. He investigated further finding cream soda, marshmallow and Andes chocolate mints. What did it all mean?


Age 14
Date Distilled September 2000
Cask Type Refill barrel
Region Speyside
Outturn 272 bottles
ABV 59.1 %

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