Bottle - Cask # 29.174, Shetland ponies at the seaside
Cask No. 29.174, Shetland ponies at the seaside
Shetland ponies at the seaside

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Cask No. 29.174 Peated

Shetland ponies at the seaside

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Our four legged friends were trotting over mossy grass, their wee hooves kicking up the turf in divots. Over summer, their woollen blankets had been stored in a wooden chest, scented with camphor and lavender.  The adults barbecued prawns, Portuguese sardines and honey-glazed eggplant while snacking on wasabi fresh sushi and frittata. The ponies nuzzled into to the fire - smoke mingling in their hairy coats. Rain came, as predicted, and brought sweetness as the children guzzled candy floss, fudge and chalky rock candy. The afternoon ended with cooling mint and wet ash, the ponies happily munching handfuls of malt.

Age 20
Date Distilled April 1995
Cask Type Refill barrel
Region Islay
Outturn 186 bottles
ABV 56.7 %