Bottle - Cask # 42.27, Smoked, aged Riesling
Cask No. 42.27, Smoked, aged Riesling
Smoked, aged Riesling

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Cask No. 42.27 Lightly peated

Smoked, aged Riesling

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This nosed like an aged Riesling wine, off-dry with a balance of fruity, crunchy green apple, pears and citrus, and earthy mineral aromas with that typical hint of petrol in the background. Plenty of pure ocean salt and briny Greek olives on the palate neat but at the same time; sweet and fruity like a lemon pie, salted caramels and ‘smoked’ jelly beans. Water released a fruity peat smoke, more pears but also peaches poached in Riesling wine with tarragon and salted sour cream. The taste was now peat smoked grilled sardines in sweet and sour lemon pepper vinaigrette with Dijon mustard toasted bread.


Age 9
Date Distilled October 2006
Cask Type Refill barrel
Region Highland Island
Outturn 222 bottles
ABV 59.4 %