Bottle - Cask # 29.172, Smoked beer
Cask No. 29.172, Smoked beer
Smoked beer

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Cask No. 29.172 Lightly peated

Smoked beer

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Lovely sweet, yeasty and malty aromas neat. It might be a mug of hot Ovaltine or indeed a stein of cool Rauchbier from Germany – take your pick. With it you will eat either a hot dog in a sweet poppy seed bun topped with yellow spicy mustard, chopped fried onions, and sweet pickle relish or a Pancetta-wrapped pork roll. With water, a salty and fishy dimension was added on the nose, seaweed, a timber groyne, salty bacon and sweet pickled herring. In the taste, burnt salted butter, sweet ‘n’ salted popcorn and we washed it all down with a Benedictine herbal liqueur.

Age 20
Date Distilled April 1995
Cask Type Refill barrel
Region Islay
Outturn 212 bottles
ABV 58.2 %