Bottle - Cask # 10.117, Smoky, salty, sweet porridge
Cask No. 10.117, Smoky, salty, sweet porridge
Smoky, salty, sweet porridge

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Cask No. 10.117 Peated

Smoky, salty, sweet porridge

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Plenty of peat smoke, chimney soot and tar right at the beginning, but it did not stop there as we discovered an underlying sweetness which needed to be unearthed. In time we discovered aromas of brown sugar glazed parsnips, honey roasted chocolate peanuts and black currant wine gums. The taste was like a sweet golden syrup, but at the same time, smoky salty austere, steaming hot creamy porridge – most unusual. Water calmed tempers somewhat, on the nose now sweet potatoes and honey glazed carrots whilst on the palate grilled hot dogs with mango chutney and red onion relish.

Age 9
Date Distilled February 2008
Cask Type Refill barrel
Region Islay
Outturn 150 bottles
ABV 61.2 %