Bottle - Cask # 66.42, Snorkelling in the bathtub
Cask No. 66.42, Snorkelling in the bathtub
Snorkelling in the bathtub

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Cask No. 66.42 Lightly peated

Snorkelling in the bathtub

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We were greeted by a warm wood burning fire with some heather and peat being thrown on top. Additional aromas are that of bacon frazzles, rosemary oil, ham steak and dried cured salty salami. In the background is the smell of a plastic paddling pool in the warm sunshine. The taste was like the end of a cigar; sweet, smoky and hot. The heat was also like that of hot metal grills barbecuing burgers and sausages. With water, aromas of grilled chicken with a lemon and coriander marinade next to well-used snorkelling equipment with a hint of salt and chlorine appearing. The taste is now like a citrus refresher sweetie, scented candles, Bavarian smoked cheese and an ashy charcoal note in the finish.

Age 10 years
Date Distilled July 2002
Cask Type Refill barrel
Region Highland Eastern
Outturn 232 bottles
ABV 54.5 %